June 6th, 2009

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European and World Congresses Subcarpathian Ruthenian agreed to establish a Coordinating Council

Comment of the Chairman of the National Parliament Subcarpathian Russia Vasily Ivanovich Mikulin to the site "[НОВИНЫ ИЗ ПОДКАРПАТTЯ]" (“News from Subcarpathia”) about new trends in the Ruthenian movement



-Vasily Ivanovich, the third European National Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians has finished, - your assessment?

-ENCSR has passed in very lively debates, sometimes becoming an emotional issue. The main conclusion is that Subcarpathian Ruthenians offer their hand to all Ruthenian organizations, demonstrating clear intentions to cooperate.

Two of the Congresses have already reached consent. All have agreed that the First World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians is a much needed to Ruthenians organization outside of the Ukrainian legislative system, and supported its Resolution. ENCSR and WCSR reached agreement on the joint coordination and cooperation. We are waiting for a response of the Ruthenian Congress in Serbia, as an equal partner in the World Coordinating Council of Ruthenians. WCSR has appealed for cooperation to all the activists of the Ruthenian movement inside of Subcarpathian Ruthenia as well. People's [Rada] (Parliament) of Subcarpathian Ruthenia is open for cooperation and coordination with all Ruthenian organizations.

ENCSR has established the National Salvation Committee. Everyone understands in what situation Ruthenian people are right now. Ruthenians are recognized as a nation virtually all over the world, except our aggressive neighbour (Ukraine).

Ruthenians are not sojourners, acquired a new homeland like, for example, our western neighbours Hungarians. Ruthenians are aboriginal indigenous people. We are confidently looking into the future. The fact that Ruthenians survived as a nation for centuries proves their healthy foundation, once again demonstrates viability of the Ruthenian organism unlike surrounding people, where demographic curves decline. Indeed, Ruthenian nation even in these tough conditions demonstrates an increase of population.

Comparing for example, to Eastern Galicia, where even the term is not specific, Subcarpathian Ruthenia is a clearly politically formed territorial entity.
Same regarding Bukovyna, - its western borders are stable over the ridges of the Carpathians and the eastern are blurred and undefined. The borders of Subcarpathian Ruthenia are delimited with an accuracy of half a meter (see Trianone treaties). After all, in any state the main issue is its external borders. In fact, all the battles take place at the border. However, there is no fighting here, because everything is clear!

In addition, there are not too many people around the globe with the right to self-determination, granted by the World Community. For example, Bukovina or Galicia has no such right, but Ruthenians to the south of the Carpathians are recorded in international peace treaties.

This advantage, due to such unlawful and aggressive attacks against the Rusyns from the eastern neighbour, should be kept in mind. Ukraine has not left the choice for Subcarpathian Ruthenians. Moreover, its authorities continue their prosecution on grounds of ethnicity to the present day. In a word, Ukraine “[dopresledovalas!]” (Their harassment overcame any possible limits). Subcarpathian Ruthenians no longer desire to prove to Ukraine that they are Ruthenians. Moreover, to be persecuted for what they call themselves.


rusin, rusyn, русины

Поздравления делегатам и гостям 10 Мирового Конгресса Русинов в Сербии

Дорогие делегаты и гости 10 Мирового Конгресса Русинов!

Поздравляю Вас от имени Мирового Конгресса Подкарпатских Русинов. Верю в успешное проведение Конгресса, как международной организации русинов сумевшей вывести русинский вопрос  на международный уровень, Ваш конгресс немало сделавший для популяризации русинской культуры в мире, изучение  русинской истории, издательской деятельности.
Думаю, что на Конгрессе не обойдут стороной угнетаемых Украиной в Подкарпатской Руси подкарпатских русинов.

С наилучшими пожеланиями  президент Мирового Конгресса Подкарпатских Русинов     В. Джуган 

rusin, rusyn, русины

В Сербии начинает работу 10-ый Мировой конгресс русинов. Первые тревожны нотки

Хорошо, мы узнали что русины народ ниоткуда, из слухов узнаем откуда к нам прибыли гости, из каких земель-государств, что указывает и наше происхождение.
Хорошо, мы знаем программу, обозначена дата и место открытия, культурная программа, но остается одна проблема - неизвестно, нигде не сказано, остается государственным секретом, кто конкретно из названных стран к нам прибыл !
Упомянуты только имена проф. П.Р.Магочи, как и следовало ожидать, он председатель Мирового конгресса, упомянута и фамилия господина Падьяка, известного издателя книг о русинах на Подкарпатской Руси, в частности упомянутой книги, нам известно, что он из Ужгорода, но кто его из Подкарпатской Руси в качестве делегата направил, что за делегаты прибыли со Словакии, Венгрии, США, Канады и Румынии.
Почему нет ни слова об участниках, все это не красит ни гласность ни их самих  
Хотя мы и не знаем их всех по имени и отчеству, но нам не остается ничего иного как пожелать им успешной работы, на пользу всех русинов и, прежде всего, тем, неназванным из Подкарпатской Руси .
 P.S. Фамилии членов мирового совета: проф. П-Р. Магочи, Дюра Папуга, Николай Бобинец из Мукачева, Г.Фирцак из Румынии, Наталия Гнатко из Хорватии, Андрей Копча из Польши, Мариана Лявинец из Венгрии, Агата Пилатова из Чехии, Владимир Противняк из Словакии. Секретарь Александр Зозуляк


rusin, rusyn, русины

Interview with the President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians Dzhugan Vasily

Interview with the President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians Dzhugan Vasily Mikhailovich

-Vasily Mikhailovich, I would like to congratulate you on your election as the President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians and wish you success in the hard work for the benefit of Subcarpathian Ruthenian people. Please answer a few questions.

-Thank you for your wishes. I am ready to answer your questions.


-Explain please in a nutshell, the reason of organization of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians.

Indeed, there already exists World Congress of Ruthenians, headed by professor. R. Magocsi.


-Initially, the idea to assemble World Congresses of Ruthenians (WCR) has been proposed by Dr.Ivan Parkani, a former employee of the Office of the President of Czechoslovak Republic in Prague in 1990. This idea was discussed with Ruthenian, Mr. Rudolf Matola from Prague. In fact, R. Matola was the most active of the organizers of the First World Congress of Ruthenians. Since then, nine Congresses took place. However, with each subsequent Congress, its involvement in the fate of Subcarpathian Ruthenians went in the wrong direction. Ruthenian issue in Ukraine was left at the mercy of the Ukrainian authorities. In addition, after we got information about the delegate of the Tenth Congress from the Ukrainian side, it became clear that we must act. Moreover, the idea of a new World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians “soared in the air” for a long time. Czech organizations and Subcarpathian Ruthenians from the United States joined in and it all went moving. It so happened, that the biggest Ruthenian community living densely in the territory of the Ruthenians to the south of the Carpathians, was left without protection. At the same time, Ukraine has reinforced the prosecution and ethnocide of Rusyns in their paternal land. They did not bomb towns, but started the destruction of the habitat of Ruthenians, their culture, history and spirituality. Subcarpathian Rusyns can no longer wait for assistance from anyone, and there is no point of doing so. The most interesting thing is that the most active part in the Organizing Committee took the son of Rudolph Matola Genily Matola.
-There are already evaluations of the First World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians by Ukrainian, Russian, and American sides. How do you evaluate the outcome?

-Everything is logical: Ukraine is mute with regard to resolving  the Ruthenian issue, while Ukrainian Special Services continue to persecute Ruthenians on ethnic grounds. Ukraine has exhausted its time limit. Ruthenians are being terrorised by everyone, from fascist renegades from [Svoboda] “(Freedom)” to special groups of SSU (Security Service of Ukraine), hired by Kiev… Ruthenians have put their life, families and destinies at stake of fight… they crossed the Rubicon, ready to go to the end, and will not back away from the set goals; they have nothing to fear. Ukraine carries on their extermination; it simply cannot get any worse…
We have completely different processes in Subcarpathian Ruthenia at present; everyone is doomed to be involved, without exception. Ukrainian authorities anyway will have to prove themselves innocent in 18 years of ethnocide of Ruthenian people. We have begun to address Ruthenian issue within the framework of international laws, and in Europe no one dares to deny people‘s right to exist.
I.e. the main result of the First World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians is to begin the solution of the Ruthenian issue in another format, this time without Ukraine, at the international level through international law. As our backers, we have hundreds of thousands of lobbyists of Rusyns worldwide. Republic of Subcarpathian Rus is to be!
At the Conference of People's Parliament of Subcarpathian Ruthenia, that was held in Svalyava we have made an appeal to all Ruthenian Congresses to unite. Are you ready?
In addition, we offer to create a Coordinating Consulting Council, which would not be binding, created temporarily for coordination, and organization of periodical conferences (they can be held in the form of online conferences).
We invite the World Congress of Ruthenians (WCR) to join the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians (WCSR) on the rights of the honorary member. WCR could invite WCSR on the same terms. We are prepared to join WCR as well. Honorary Member should not necessarily share our goals and objectives.

-You actually made a formal proposal as the President of WCSR to the delegates of WCR, which will take place in a few weeks in Serbia?

-Yes. I would like to ensure that our proposals are understood. Ruthenian people, regardless of the country they live in, are indivisible. The borders, oceans and other obstacles are surmountable. The most important thing now is to unite in order to save the Ruthenians.

-Thank you for the interview.


rusin, rusyn, русины

Greetings to the delegates and guests of the Tenth World Congress of Ruthenians in Serbia

Dear delegates and guests of the Tenth World Congress of Ruthenians,

I congratulate you on behalf of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians.

I believe in success of the Congress, as an international organization able to raise the Ruthenian issue at an international level.

Your Congress has done a lot to promote the Ruthenian Culture in the world, study of the Ruthenian history, and publishing.
I hope that the Congress will not bypass Subcarpathian Ruthenians, oppressed by Ukraine.

With best regards,

President of the World Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians V.Dzhugan